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Dr. Kern-EOS, GMHB, Manufacturers of European style tanning systems, in Germany announced key changes to its North American operation.
Ronald Albright, the former CEO, formally announced his resignation on January 1, 2008.  Steve Mallory, the former National Service
Manager has taken over the day to day operations.  The Guenther Group is comprised of 12 international corporations and operates more
than 3 million square feet of production facilities in Germany.  Its products include sauna and infrared heaters and controls,
overhead, roller and all types of doors and metal springs of all types.

Mr. Mallory will be focused on implementing new technologies, as well as dedicated drive to provide the highest level of customer
service in the tanning industry.  His goal is to take the best of the existing company and implement new programs to build up the
complete product line of Dr. Kern and EOS.  A major task was re-establishing the Dr. Kern name and image.  To do this, the company
decided to shift gears and start selling direct, however, Mallory points out there is still a need for distributors in the sales
equation.  Even though they are no longer exclusive distributors, we maintain a great distributor relationship with our partners,
“he says. The combination of distributor sales and direct sales has made a major impact on the exposure of the Dr. Kern name from
what it used to be to what it is now.  To help achieve this, the company has made a concerted effort to increase its direct-marketing
campaigns and strengthen its customer service department.


The way we conduct business is influenced by our German counterpart.  There is an effort on the part of Germany to get new products
approved and get us what we need to be successful and for tanning salon owners to be successful.  The communication levels have
dramatically increased.

In the last year, re-establishing the Dr. Kern name and image has been a positive and profitable move.  According to Mallory,
Dr. Kern, USA has increased its market share a minimum of 50 percent since the end of last year.  We are holding our own and
increasing our market share in a market that has been relatively flat or declining for a couple of years.

The company’s goal for the remainder of 2008 and 2009 is to build upon its new direction and provide the best tanning equipment
backed by superior customer support.  Utilizing a completely rebuilt website our customers will have access to our products,
parts list and wiring diagrams.

Since 1985 Dr. Kern has produced the highest quality equipment at an economical price.  The true “European Tan” is the safest
gentlest indoor tan on the market today.  The life span of our equipment out weighs most equipment in the market.

Building on the European philosophy of total wellness, Dr. Kern, USA will continue to offer the Beauty Skin machine which has
had an incredible response in the market place.  The Beauty Skin machine is a light-therapy unit that has been proven to be
effective in the cosmetic treatment of many skin conditions such as acne and blemishes.

“The future of the U.S. tanning market is going to center around a total lifestyle and wellness concept, says Mallory” and
Dr. Kern, USA is going to be there to help salon owners provide that service.



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